I was on sabattical (sort of, let’s call it that for now) through 2019, reconnecting with family, friends and myself. And finishing reeeaaaally old projects. I’m fortunately/unfortunately still living/working from home where I live with my three roomates. I feel bad and worry about my mother getting old and like to help her as much as I can.

This is what I’m doing now: in order of time spent, not necessarily priority

  • Wrapping up a sabbatical I took the first half of 2019.
  • Doing client work so that I have living money andcan pay my few reccurring life expenses.
  • Fostering rituals with my family and close friends to help us connect and stay connected.
  • Doing. Finally finishing my long lists of projects.
  • Learning how to be a good handyman with minimal tools and low budget. Possible, but hard.
  • Strength and power training, as much as I can.
  • Playing WDBF Dodgeball in my local competitive league at increasing levels of play and continually having fun.
  • Learning about my own history

Feel free to message me on twitter about one of the above topics. I will eventually read your message I promise! Unfortunately, I am unlikely to respond to messages that aren’t about the above.

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This page was last updated Sep 19, 2019.

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers and his /now. I had an ah-ha moment reading his.